Allstars Hallam Week 7

Week 7 at Allstars Hallam saw three new students tried out our Karate class this week and one student confirmed by paying the joining fee which includes a FREE KARATE GI. As our class numbers continue to grow, we may look at changing the class timetables depending on the age groups that are currently training.our students have improved this term with several students attempting different belt gradings in Karate.

We have 1 student confirmed for in class grading and we have 4 children attempting to grade for their green belt and 2 children attempting blue belt which makes for a total of 6 students attempting grading at All Stars Mid Year gradings which will be held at Monash University.

For any student grading at head office, please go to the web site to fill in the grading registration onlinewww.allstarsdefence.com.au. All Browns and Blacks were assessed on Saturday 30th May at the Compulsory State Training Day at Monash University and the good news is all students will be graded and hopefully achieve their next belt.


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