Allstars Hallam Class

Freestyle Goju Karate

Am i too old to practice Freestyle Goju Karate

You are never too old to practice Freestyle Goju Karate do or Muay Thai Boran Kickboxing. Generally it is the best for children to be aged 3 before they start taking karate classes, or 10 years old for kickboxing as sometimes their attention span is to short at a younger age. We cater for older adults in our adult classes so they can still train without the injuries. The basic techniques you will learn are an efficient, effective means of exercise and self-defence, means you will be able to take care of yourself and your families.

Allstars Hallam has 3 new members all aged over 40 years old recently joined the karate class in Hallam.  The Allstars Self defence class structure helps students to follow direction, develop social skills, focus,concentrate and complete tasks and develop rewarding positive behaviour giving our students powerful and lasting effects. Martial arts classes also teach anger management, verbal diffusion skills, critical thinking and problem solving in addition to practical self defence that really works

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