Getting Fit with Kickboxing

If you’re planning to get fit and increase your power, cardio vascular strength, body coordination and confidence, you should try kickboxing. Unlike your gym routine, kickboxing is a more aggressive type of workout. It improves stamina, flexibility and body coordination; a perfect way to burn those calories and build your muscles.

Kickboxing gives you fast results and you can do it anywhere and anytime as long as you like it. Together with a professional kickboxing instructor, he/she can teach you the proper moves and routine for kickboxing.

What to expect when having kickboxing classes?

  1. High Intensity Workout

Kickboxing is an intense full body workout that will engage every muscle in your body while focuses on your core. Rapid movements will improve you cardio and stamina; rev up your heart rate and make sure to keep it up throughout the workout session.


  1. Relieves Stress

Kickboxing is a way to relieve stress and tension. While you’re working out, our body releases endorphins that helps us to clear our mind and improves our mood. It also promotes better sleep during night time.


  1. Confidence Booster

As you go through kickboxing classes especially when you’re just starting with the program, it is normal that you can’t keep up with some movements and having trouble keeping up. You will also experience body pain from the work out but at the end of the day you will tell yourself that it is all worth it and after accomplishing a tough kickboxing class, it will boost your confidence and will make you proud of that achievement.


  1. Body Coordination and Self-defense

Kickboxing will help you with your body coordination; throwing some combinations of punching and kicking will require you to have coordination skills. As you go throughout the program, it will help you with your body reflexes and awareness.


This may not your primary goal when having kickboxing classes and as you go on with the program you will learn how to defend yourself. You will learn self-defense moves throughout, you will learn how to properly strike your opponent and keep calm when you’re in a sticky situation because you know how to defend yourself from people who’s trying to harm you.


  1. A Healthier You

Each session you finish in your kickboxing class makes you a better person physically and mentally. You burn excess calories from your body as a form of detoxification, you will gain self-confidence for finishing the work-out, your physical abilities will improve and your muscles will be toned and lastly you will prevent diseases like heart attack, diabetes and more.

Kickboxing is one of the best types of exercise that promotes a healthier lifestyle. If you are in need of a professional kickboxing instructor, don’t hesitate to call us today. Schedule your Kickboxing class in Hallam and re-shape yourself for a better and healthier you.

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