Great way to finish term 2 at Allstars Hallam

Great way to finish term 2 at Allstars Hallam.

We had many students grade at Senjo mid year gradings at Monash in Clayton. Here are our students who achieved their next level in karate and kickboxing with Allstars.

Paul – 1st black tip karate, 1 brown singlet to bar kickboxing

Lauren – 1st dan karate

Stephen – 1st dan karate & kickboxing

Olivia – Black belt

Jessica – 1st dan karate

Nick – 1st black tip karate

Hayley – 4th black tip karate

Aiden & Riley – 3rd brown tip karate

Kody & Ethan – 2nd brown tip karate

Matilda – 2nd green tip karate

Elliott – Blue belt

Max – Yellow belt

Linda – Yellow belt

Sarah – Green singlet

Liam – Blue singlet

Yiota – Orange singlet


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