Week 1 Term 3 Allstars Hallam

Welcome back for the start of term 3 to all our Karate and Kickboxing students. What a way to start term 3 with 6 new people joining the team at Hallam karate and kickboxing.

Week 1 at Allstars Hallam we had another fun class with different shield and pad work combinations whilst practising kata self defence drills and finished off the class with a game called Poison ball. We have a fantastic group of children, teens and adults in our Karate class. This week another 3 students confirmed by joining our Karate class. Also we had another 2 students joining the Kickboxing class. As our class numbers continue to grow, we may look at changing the class timetables depending on the age groups that are currently training.our students have improved this term with several students attempting different belt gradings in Karate.

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