what age can my child do karate



what age can my child do karate?

I would like to send my son to learn martial arts as soon as possible as I believe this would help him gain confidence in his early stages of life (it worked for me when I was an adult)

At what age should I send him? I suppose this question could apply to any sport though
Are some martial arts more appropriate than others for kids or is it just a matter of preference?


Some of the most common questions asked by parents.

The appropriate age depends a great deal on the specific style/art in question, the type of dojo, and the particular child. Most Karate dojos I know take kids starting around age 4-6. Most Krav Maga dojos I know won’t take anyone under 14-16; some won’t take minors at all. My friend’s Brazilian Jui-Jitsu dojo only takes kids from age 10, but I’m told that most are willing to start younger than that.

Assuming an appropriate level of kid-friendliness in the selected dojo, a child is generally ready for martial arts study when he or she:

  • can tell left from right.
  • has developed empathy (meaning specifically that the child groks that others have feelings, and that their behavior can effect others’ well-being).
  • has developed age-appropriate manners (will wait his/her turn to speak, will listen quietly to an instructor, etc.)
  • has the attention span to give 100% for the length of a class period (typically 30 minutes for small children, to 60 minutes for older children and adults).
  • will (probably with some prompting from parents) reliably practice at least every other day (every day for older children).
  • can take polite criticism in stride, i.e. think “here’s how I can do this better” instead of “I’m awful and everyone hates me, waaaahhh!”


At Allstars, children can start at 3 years of age. The Allsras karate format helps the children develop at this young age and continue to improve with their self confidence and self defence skills.

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