What does karate Kickboxing training do

Scientific evidence has shown that any martial arts training has numerous benefits apart from learning how to punch, kick, block and throw. The difference we offer is our class structure helps students to follow direction, develop social skills, focus,concentrate and complete tasks and develop rewarding positive behaviour giving our students powerful and lasting effects.

Martial arts classes also teach anger management, verbal diffusion skills, critical thinking and problem solving in addition to practical self defence that really works. So not only do students achieve a more active and healthy body, but they benefit mentally as well. In a recent study in Psychology.

Today from the USA found that students of martial arts have reduced blood pressure, lower levels of anxiety and depression and improved coping skills. Martial arts training affects the great majority of the body’s tissues,organs and systems to bring about homeostatic stability and normal function.

Training at optimal levels of frequency, distance (time) and intensity can markedly reduce the risk of developing many of the chronic diseases commonly seen.

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