Why Take Your Kids to Martial Arts Classes?

We’ve all seen the big  Martial Arts fight scenes in big Hollywood action movies.  The actors use the highest level of violence to inflict the worst injuries they can on their opponent.  These depictions often lead parents to question whether taking their children to martial arts classes is a smart move.  Like many other portrayals by the big Hollywood blockbusters, these scenes are far from reality, and , there are many benefits martial arts can offer to children.

Physical Activity


Kids today spend time more time watching television, playing computer games or tinkering with the latest gadgets instead of playing outside with other children. Encourage your kids to be more active by introducing them to martial arts, which  offers a fun and exciting form of fitness and exercise.




Absolute self-discipline is taught in any kind of martial arts to attain focus and stability. Kids with martial arts background are constantly reminded of how essential self-disciple can be in every session they attend.


Goals and Achievements


Martial arts sets goals and accomplishments for children. They have a system of colored belts to signify their experience and to reward a child for his/her level of accomplishment. A child will continue to strive, reaching and setting new goals in every martial arts session.


Socialisation Skills


In a room with many students, a certain camaraderie is created. The children support each other through the challenges they face, and celebrate together when they achieve their goals.




Every achievement  will boost a child’s self-esteem, motivating them to master new moves and earn new belts as their promotion continues. This becomes a continuing cycle, with each achievement building confidence and motivating the next achievement.  A child with low self-esteem can benefit greatly from their continued progress, together with the new friendships they form.

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